Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH to showcase Cabot Corporation´s range of CABELEC® conductive compounds and concentrates at Fakuma 14 - 18 October 2014; Hall 4, Stand B4-4201

Biesterfeld is pleased to present the full range of Cabot Corporation’s CABELEC® conductive concentrates that have seen rapid market adoption since they were introduced at K 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Building on its leadership in the production of the CABELEC® conductive compounds, Cabot has expanded the range of conductive concentrates to include polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. New conductive concentrates in other polymers are already under development. The CABELEC® conductive concentrates complement the existing conductive compounds product line, which are typically tailored to deliver specific conductive or dissipative properties, often for a specific application. The conductive concentrates offer formulators flexibility to tailor conductivity, customize formulations, and lower handling costs.

Adrian Baker, Sales Director, EMEA for Cabot Corporation, states “There are occasions when formulators require flexibility to adjust and optimize the cost performance of their finished product.  Cabot’s range of CABELEC® conductive concentrates is designed to deliver a very high loading of conductive carbon black. The concentrates can then be diluted with the customer’s own resin to deliver the desired blend of conductivity and mechanical properties."

Meanwhile Cabot continues to promote and innovate with its CABELEC® conductive compounds, incorporating a range of conductive carbon black including the new VULCAN® XCmax™ specialty carbon blacks which were first showcased in October 2013 and which are distributed in the German rubber market by Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH – segment Küttner.

Biesterfeld and Cabot personnel will be present at the Fakuma and can discuss further the ways in which this innovative range of conductive materials can bring value and performance to your products. Visit us in Hall 4, Stand B4-4201.


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