Chi Mei Corporation

Polylac ABS

Polylac, the ABS of the Chi Mei Corporation sets world-wide a high standard insofar as economy and product quality concerned. The Chi Mei Corporation produces its Polylac products regarding the newest technology in large-scale installations in Asia (China & Taiwan). Chi Mei protects the world-wide availability of Polylac in this way. As the world-wide largest manufacturer Chi Mei offers a large selection of qualities in order to accompany and/or fulfil a multiplicity of applications and specifications. Due to its very bright and natural color it is outstanding suitable for self-coloring - in particular for brilliant colors, if desired.

Some characteristics of Polylac ABS:

  • Polylac ABS has a very bright and natural color
  • Polylac ABS offers an easy pigmentability
  • Polylac ABS has a high surface quality
  • Polylac ABS offers a good gloss
  • Polylac ABS offers an easy processability
  • Polylac ABS has short cycle times

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