Biesterfeld Petroplas Ltd celebrates 30 years of Polymer Distribution in the UK and Ireland

Biesterfeld Petroplas Ltd celebrates 30 years of Polymer Distribution in the UK and Ireland

2016 represents a bumper year for the Biesterfeld group as it celebrates 110 years in business later in 2016.

Furthermore, 2016 marks 30 years since Biesterfeld Petroplas Ltd opened its doors for business as the independent polymer distributor, Petroplas Ltd. Founded in 1986 by two former employees of Phillips Chemicals (now CP Chem), the company grew throughout the 1990s and early 2000's to become one of the UK's largest independent polymer distribution businesses.

In 2006, Guy Payne (Managing Director of Petroplas) entered into a joint venture with Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH. The joint venture provided an opportunity for Biesterfeld to gain a foothold in the UK and Irish markets and provided Petroplas with the opportunity to take the next step in the development of its business.

Guy Payne explains, "Biesterfeld Plastic and Petroplas had been working on a number of projects together and the benefits of formalising the relationship soon became obvious. Biesterfeld Plastic was a European market leader in polymer distribution but with no presence in the UK or Ireland. Petroplas,
on the other hand, had a solid local base supplying products such as K-Resin® SBC and Marlex® Polyethylene from CP Chem. But we had a few gaps in the portfolio and would benefit from being part of a large group".

With the addition of world leading suppliers and market leading branded products, Biesterfeld Petroplas has been able to grow substantially over the past 10 years and has established itself as a major player in distribution across the UK and Ireland. Additions include Borealis for Polypropylene, ExxonMobil, with Santoprene®, LG Chem with ABS & PC/ABS, and DuPont with Vespel®. New suppliers are added regularly right across the group thanks to the unrivalled market coverage Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH can offer.

In 2014 Biesterfeld Petroplas diversified into Speciality Chemicals business with the addition of Silicone Elastomers from Dow Corning.

Guy Payne comments, "It was a natural extension for us to move into Chemicals. Biesterfeld has a substantial Chemicals business and it was relatively simple for us to replicate the synergies we see elsewhere in the group. Early progress has been well above expectations and already we are expanding into new areas".

Future plans are in the pipeline for new suppliers, products and markets. With the forward thinking management of the group, the future continues to look bright for Biesterfeld Petroplas.

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