Biesterfeld Plastic: Food safety through aseptic masterbatches

Biesterfeld Plastic: Food safety through aseptic masterbatches

On 21st September Biesterfeld Plastic presents the topic “Food safety through aseptic masterbatches” at the conference “Verpackungssymposium” at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten.

Wherever food comes into contact with packaging or other surfaces, germs are able to spread. Surfaces made from antimicrobial plastic are able to prevent the accumulation of micro-organisms, hazardous to health, such as bacteria. In order to equip products with antimicrobial properties almost all polymers can be supplemented with aseptic functions. The additives are introduced into raw material, which properties remain unchanged. The application areas for bacteria-free plastics are diverse and is of great importance, especially for the packaging industry.

The field of applications of germ-free plastics is diverse, and so it has a great importance also for the packaging industry. Irina Fink, European Product Manager, Biesterfeld Plastic, will present the use of aseptic masterbatches for the packaging industry for food, medicine and cosmetics.

"The physical mode of action provides for a surface free of germs and bacteria. The function of the masterbatch ensures the prevention of resistances and a reduction of many germs and bacteria on different surfaces”, explains Irina Fink.

Biesterfeld offers a complete service on its antimicrobial products. Included in this is the development of individual applications and Masterbatches and laboratory testing. This project-based work combines expertise about regulatory standards with knowledge of factors influential to the antimicrobial properties.
During the two-day ”Verpackungssymposium“ Biesterfeld presents its current product portfolio and the team will answer all questions about aseptic masterbatches.

Product contact antimicrobial masterbatches:
Irina Fink
Ferdinandstraße 41
20095 Hamburg, Germany



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