Biesterfeld takes over the rubber distributor SMPC

Biesterfeld takes over the rubber distributor SMPC

By taking over the French Rubber Distributor SMPC, Biesterfeld Plastic, the largest subgroup of the Biesterfeld Group, is investing in a new area of business. As of 01.10.2010, Biesterfeld France SARL, subsidiary of Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH, will assume control of the business activities of the distributor SMPC S.A., Chérisy, and plans to extend the company further as an independent division. SMPC (Spécialités et Matières Premières du Caoutchouc) is one of the leading French distributors within the rubber industry and has over 80 years of experience within the distribution of rubber as well as specialised additives for the rubber industry.

Biesterfeld Plastic is set to continue its growth strategy with the takeover of the business operations of the French company SMPC (Spécialités et Matières Premières du Caoutchouc) S.A., Chérisy, on the 1st October 2010 under the control of its subsidiary Biesterfeld France SARL. With its specialised, extensive product range which includes rubber polymers and additives within the rubber industry, the family-owned company will serve as an excellent addition to the already established plastics and specialty chemicals business of the Biesterfeld Group in France. In this way, Biesterfeld Plastic is set to expand the existing business operations in France significantly. Furthermore, this strategic investment in a new and rapidly growing business sector successfully adds diversification to business activities throughout Europe as it leads to cooperation with existing suppliers in this new business area for Biesterfeld France SARL.

SMPC has a yearly turnover of approximately Euro 10 million as well as eleven employees who will join the Biesterfeld team. The delivery programme includes a large range of rubber polymers and additives: fillers, plasticisers, accelerators, vulcanising agents, protecting agents and specialty chemicals for the rubber industry. SMPC has a highly extensive product programme at its disposal and represents approximately 60 suppliers. This includes renowned manufacturers such as ExxonMobil Chemical, Croda, Total Fluides, Dongjin Semichem Co., Kolon, Arkema and Solvay.

As a result of this diversification, Biesterfeld Plastic will also supplement existing thermoplastic and elastomer business operations with rubber and special additives for the rubber industry. Biesterfeld Plastic plans to establish this new product range on a Europe-wide basis and is therefore leaving the door open to further strategic investment.

The presence of Biesterfeld Plastic in France will be considerably enhanced through this takeover. In France, Biesterfeld employs around 40 workers, who together generate a yearly turnover of more than Euro 70 million.

Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH, a 100 % subsidiary company of Biesterfeld AG, is a leading distributor in the European plastics industry with long-standing sales partnerships in a total of 26 countries. Leading polymer producers such as DuPont, ExxonMobil Chemical, INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe, BASF Polyurethanes, Solvay, Chevron Phillips, INEOS NOVA and Chi Mei have trust in the efficient service offered by Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH and have, for many years, shared this growth.

Biesterfeld AG is the strategic holding company of the Biesterfeld Group, which has served as a trade and services company for more than 100 years. With a yearly turnover of approximately Euro 800 million and more than 600 employees, Biesterfeld is a leading company within the chemicals and plastics distribution sector and is active in more than 50 locations throughout Germany, Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.

The family-owned company is committed to steady, profitable growth in the future through the expansion of the three key business areas of Biesterfeld Plastic, Biesterfeld Specialty Chemicals and Biesterfeld Internationa

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