Biesterfeld to Sell Antimicrobial Masterbatches

Biesterfeld to Sell Antimicrobial Masterbatches

On the train, in the supermarket or in the hospital: Wherever people come together, germs are able to spread – be it on door handles, light switches or grab rails. Surfaces made from antimicrobial plastic are able to prevent the accumulation of micro-organisms, hazardous to health, such as bacteria. Functional batches with antimicrobial and aseptic properties made by the company Heroc, are now available for purchase worldwide through Biesterfeld Plastic.

The application areas for bacteria-free plastics are diverse: Aside from domestic use, there is the food industry, water systems, public buildings and transport networks. Minimising the amount of environmental bacteria is especially important in hospitals and care facilities, not to mention for medical equipment, which comes into close contact with the human body. Antimicrobial plastics reduce the accumulation and transmission of bacteria. In addition, their usage lowers any residual risk resulting from below standard cleaning.

"Together with Heroc, we are offering a biocide-free solution without nanoparticles. The physical mode of action provides for a surface free of germs and bacteria", explains Florian Brandes, European Product Manager at Biesterfeld. "This is an optimal alternative to chemical biocides, silver, and heavy metals." Due to a lack of migration of the material constituents, the batch has been proven to be neither toxic, zytotoxic, nor allergenic. A further advantage: It prevents the transmission of resistances and dramatically reduces the risk of infection.

Practically all polymers can be treated with the Masterbatch – with individualised doses also possible, depending on the desired intensity of effect. In order to make products antimicrobial, additives are introduced into raw material. The essential properties of the raw material remain unchanged. This means that the manufacturing conditions are also largely unaffected. The treated plastics provide quick and lasting protection, for example, from bacterial infestation.

Biesterfeld possesses extensive know-how and many years of experience in the complex development of pharmaceutical and medical products. In conjunction with its partner, Heroc, Biesterfeld offers a complete service on its antimicrobial products. Included in this is the development of individual applications and Masterbatches, and laboratory testing. This project-based work combines expertise about regulatory standards with knowledge of factors influential to the antimicrobial properties. The Biesterfeld team will be pleased to tell you more about the functioning of its antimicrobial products at stand 3C44 of the Medtec Exhibition in Stuttgart from 12-14 April.

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