Vespel®  Parts and Shapes... Performance Plus

If you need to insure the dependable performance of parts critical to the successful operation of your design, you may be in Vespel® Territory.

If you need to reduce warranty costs caused by the premature failure of critical parts in an existing product, you may be in Vespel® Territory.

If you need any combination of

  • Low wear and friction at high pressures and velocities,
  • Outstanding creep resistance,
  • Lubricated or unlubricated performance,
  • Strength and impact resistance, or
  • Operation from cryogenic temperatures up to 288°C with excursions to 500°C

You are in Vespel® Territory.

Typical servings are rods, rings, plates or tubes of these grades:

Vespel® CR-6100, Vespel® SP-1, Vespel® SP-21, Vespel® SP-22, Vespel® SP-3, Vespel® SP-211, Vespel® SP-202, Vespel® SCP-5000, Vespel® SCP-5009, Vespel® SCP-50094, Vespel® SCP-5050

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